Our team is well experienced and conversant in both the local and international taxation system, transfer pricing, double taxation system and litigation on tax dispute. We offer comprehensive and practical legal opinion on numerous tax matters including corporate taxes, customs and excise duties, withholding tax, VAT and tax appeals.

Real Estate Law

A real estate attorney will represent your interests at closing. They will review all paperwork in advance and advise on any problems or omissions with the documentation

Real Estate Law
Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation

These disputes usually involve a party or entity seeking compensation for damages incurred from another party or entity. The nature of civil disputes tends to focus on people, relationships, and property.

Mining & Energy

Mining law is the collection of laws and regulations that apply to mining activities. There are a diverse set of laws and rules that directly and indirectly govern mining. Mining laws determine who can mine, where they can mine and how they may go about mining

Mining Energy
Investment Law

Investment Law

Every industry has unique challenges that need to be addressed. We have the knowledge and experience to ensure our solutions for dairy, food and beverages industry applications meet those specific requirements in entirety.

Criminal Law

Criminal Lawyers are responsible for defending someone accused of a criminal offence. They will act in a neutral, impartial manner to ensure that the legal rights of those prosecuted are upheld and that they receive fair treatment against the conduct of the law

criminal law

Oil & Gas

Ordinarily, oil and gas lawyers are mostly hired by oil and gas companies and government entities to guide and give advice on various legal issues. Our team represent individuals, entities and governments involved in all aspects of oil and gas production


Telecommunication companies regularly confront changing regulation, legislation and economic trends. To remain competitive, telecommunications businesses must be able to trust their counsel to guide them through evolving legislation and assist with the day-to-day transactions that ensure a company’s success and growth

Corporate Law

Corporate Law

We provide well researched and time sensitive solutions to any corporate challenge a client be facing. Our customer base is from across broad spectrum of size complexity and industry with their most important corporate law issues including business formation and de registration of entities, filing of annual returns, transfer of shares, company secretarial services, corporate governance, complex agreements, capital raising and other strategic transactions

Employment, Labor law & Immigration

Employment laws is complex despite the fact working with people brings opportunities but it is also risky. We advising employers on lawful termination procedures, issues concerning workman’s compensation, fundamental rights and protections afforded by employment and labour laws, employment contracts, trade union, collective agreement, retrenchment and statutory entitlements

Insurance Law

Insurance, Finance & Banking

We have great expertise on insurance laws which protects you from the worse-case scenario. We have specialized in handling insurance claim dispute and rendering legal advisory services with insurance regulation and assuring our clients attain what rightfully theirs.

Intellectual Properties

In a dynamic commercial landscape with ever expanding technological horizon, it is important for business to gain value from their IP asset and knowledge-based aspects. Intellectual property laws entail copyrights, trademarks and patent rights. We do registration and timely renewal of the trademarks, patent and copyrights. We protect and defend our client’s intellectual property right in court of law once they are violated


Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

We help our clients to manage risk and to avoid litigation whenever possible. When litigation is unavoidable, our attorneys focus on the commercial objectives of clients while assessing legal, commercial and reputational risk to render our services through arbitration, mediation, conciliation, adjudication or expert determination


Business and Compliances

Clients in sectors such as telecommunication, financial institutions, energy and utilities are increasingly turning to our regulatory lawyers for advice. We offer our expertise and fresh thinking in areas such as telecommunication, energy and utilities, fair competition, financial services (FinTech) and licensing.

Business Compliance

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